Saturday, October 15, 2016

Just a Few Random Facts About Me....

Hey there!
Welcome back to my blog!
Today, I'm going to share just a few random facts about me. I like to know the blogger a little bit before I really get into reading the actual blog. Here ya go! ;P 

1. I have very long reddish brown hair, green eyes, and I'm tall. 
2. I love coffee and caramel. It's even better if it's coffee AND caramel! 
3. I'm into makeup and nail art. I love anything COLOURFUand/or SPARKLY!! 
4. Cats+Space= SPACE CATS!!!
5. Spicy, spicy, SPICY FOOD!!
6. I like to watch thunderstorms at night, and see all the lightning light up the sky!! 
7. I'm not really religious and believe love is love no matter if it's with a male and a male or a female and a female. <3
8. I'm 16, as you may already know.. 
9. Two words: TACO BELL! <3 <3
10. 3 words people would use to describe me is: Thoughtful, courageous, and sensitive! I asked, so I'm not just making it up! :'D

And there you have it, just a few random facts about me! 
Now it's your turn! Comment down below, and let ME know a few random facts about my reader!
Until next time!


  1. Taco Bell and sparkles rock! 😃

    1. Yeah!! I love taco bell...what do u like to get there?

    2. Probably sounds funny, but I like to get a rice taco. (a taco with rice instead of meat)

    3. Oh yum! I normally get a burrito with a cheese sauce and beans, and a triple layer nacho. ;)