Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wild Animals//Mall Trip

Hey there!
I'm back with another blog post full of pictures! 
Now, I'm sure some of you may know that I love feeding our wild animals. We get a variety of animals here. 
Let's start with our squirrels! We get a lot of squirrels here, but my favourite is "Merida". She's quite brave really, and she comes to eat and drink everyday.

Merida!! (Named after the girl from Brave)

Another picture of her. 

Here's a baby bunny hanging out under the shade. I don't remember what we named him..

Here's Alice staring down "Kenan". We have at least 4 chipmunks that collect seed here, which can be annoying because they take it ALL, and it's gone within an hour. 

And a skunk! The picture is awful, but I didn't want to scare her. She's eating leftover seed (she doesn't come anymore; we never really wanted skunks to eat here, but she was persistent, so we had to start cleaning the seed up at sundown.) This one was either named Skunk Skunk or Skunky. I know, such original names. ;P

I described the pictures ABOVE the pictures this time by accident. 

I went to the mall a couple weeks past with a good friend of mine! We went shopping and tried on clothes for fun! We bought a pack of rings together, and here's one of them. ;) We got them from "Icing". 

I also tried on this pretty dress from "Francesca's" I think the store was called. We played a game where she chose out two outfits for me to try on, and I would choose out two for her as well. I looked at the price tag for this one, and it was like $50! :O It was a "fancy" store though. The dressing room had curtains as doors, and they wrote my name on a mini chalkboard outside my room. :')

Below is my favourite dress I tried on. I actually thought about purchasing this one, but decided to wait and come back another day if I really wanted it. It was only $20 from "Charlotte Russe". It's a deep blue, in case if you can't tell from the picture. 

And those are all the pics I have from the mall. We're hopefully going back in a few weeks. ;P Below is just a random pic I took of my soda yesterday! :') It was Mtn. Dew Pitch Black. I'd been wanting to try this flavour for forever but couldn't find it anywhere where they sold it in individual bottles. Finally found it at Weigel's! Unfortunately, it just tasted like grape soda with a hint of "weird" flavour. *shrugs*

That's all I have to share with you today! We're currently on fall break, so that's nice. Have you been enjoying these kinds of posts? If so, let me know! Hopefully I'm going to post some pictures from a dance coming up next week for Halloween. I'm dressing up as a vampire! ;P 
Have a sparkly day!
Do you like to shop at the mall? Have you tried "Pitch Black"? 


  1. I also love wild animals, I have so many pets, maybe they somehow attracted them? I usually have kitten and cats coming over to my house for a treat. I have a weasel living just at the roof of my very room which somehow get soo annoying at night because it keeps scaring me off with those little steps. Haha.

    The second compliments you so much, by the way!


    Tasya Sabrina of

    1. Awww, that's sweet! We normally have the smaller animals like squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits coming to eat. ;P What pets do u have? I haven't seen a weasel in the wild before! ;)
      Aw thanks! That one was my favourite.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. One day my neighbor brought over a sleeping baby squirrel, it was quite amusing for me. I love Merida's name! Ooh, and the dress!

    1. OH A BABY SQUIRREL!! I want a baby squirrel! :'D