Monday, October 17, 2016

Delicious Autumn Scents//Kitties!

Hey there! I'm back with another post and this one has some PICTURES! I decided on this blog I wanted to focus a little bit more on pictures of my life rather than just random memes and stuff I found online. Chances are I'll still do that sometimes though! ;P 

I made myself a delicious homemade caramel frappe the other day! I just used: ice, milk, an instant caramel coffee mix and some powder caramel creamer. I topped it with whipped cream, salted caramel bits, and of course, CARAMEL!! ;P It was SOOO good. 

Every few months I like to switch out my lotion products...I have a whole box of lotions, but I can't have them ALL sitting on my nightstand or that would be a huge mess. Normally I choose out a few different scents that go with the season, and this past time I chose out....

This delicious scent! It's from Bath and Body works, and it's called Warm Vanilla Sugar (I guess you can probably see all this in the picture...) But anyway, it's smells so good, and always reminds me of the cooler weather! Plus the packaging is so pretty...look at that rose! 

Here's another wonderful autumn scent! And it's from Bath and Body works, and it's called Cup of Warmth. I love the name too....mmm.....
OH! I just remembered another yummy scent I have stored deep within a drawer from last autumn season! It's a sweet pumpkin scent. And it's also from Bath and Body works...I love that store! It's too expensive to purchase from often, but I have a huge stockpile from all the different times I've bought stuff...

On to my pretty kitties! This cutie's name is Alice! She's really sensitive and sweet, and loves snuggling with me at night. She thinks I'm her mama (for real), so I've always been her favourite.  

And here's my other handsome kitty, Jasper! He's really sweet too, but with a bit more attitude! He thinks he's king of the household, so he likes it when he gets his way. He likes snuggling on our laps. Here's him with his favourite toy, his crinkly ball! 

Pretty sky! The clouds look beautiful here...

And of course, since the blog's name is Cheese and Sparkles, I had to include a pic of some of my glitter singles from my glitter collection!! ;) 

I hope everyone enjoyed this kind of post, I enjoy writing it! I hope everyone has a sparkly day!
Leave a comment below and let me know what are some of your favourite autumn scents!!


  1. I've smelled the Warm Vanilla Sugar before and I love it! One of my favorites is the Japanese Cherry Blossom.:)

  2. Oh yeah, it's delicious! Yeah, I have that one too! I have quite a lot of different scents, haha! ;P

  3. Cute post! I like your cats <3

    1. Thanks!! :) Oh yeah, they're sweeties. :)